Free Diamonds on Fire

Now you can test your knowledge to earn free diamonds, you only need to complete the quiz of the day that consists of 10 questions with which you can earn up to 100 points a day, these points are accumulated in the app and then exchange them for diamonds.

Make sure you answer the questions well, it only takes you 1 minute a day to complete the quiz and accumulate points that you can exchange for great prizes such as:

– 110 diamonds
– 420 diamonds
– 1900 diamonds

That’s not all, every week we will do raffles where we will give away up to 10,000 free diamonds live from our channel, you just have to follow the instructions within the app to participate, it is 100% real. Try us!

Our app is so cool that it also has a built-in name creator for games, where you can generate your name with symbols for Heroic Nick.

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